Downtown Live 2018 in the City January 22 in History Theatre

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For Downtown Saint Paul residents and stake-holders, what is ahead in 2018?

With Eric Eskola, Co-host of TPT/"Almanac"

This event will update us on everything from fast-changing plans for Superbowl events in downtown St. Paul… to updates addressing homelessness and the skyways…. to efforts to develop Pedro Park. This will be your chance to hear directly from many of the people planning the year ahead…. including our downtown CouncilMember Rebecca Noecker. There will also be fun updates on Arts, and Business developments.

Super Bowl Events

Pedro Park Development

DATE / TIME:    Monday, January 22, 2018  /  6:00PM – 7:30PM

 HISTORY THEATRE… is housed in a 587–seat, thrust stage theatre designed by Ralph Rapson. No seat in the theatre is more than 40 feet away from the stage. History Theatre entertains, educates, and engages through creating, developing, and producing new and existing works that explore Minnesota's past and the diverse American experience. The "Mayoral Conversations" will take place on the set of “All the Way” a History Theatre regional premiere of the Tony Award Winning Broadway Play about the creation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.


A message to Pioneer Endicott residents from Rebecca Noecker

The "Downtown Live" event / media series is a work of Lowertown Media Initiatives, LLC in association with CapitolRiver Council (CRC), Hygga Lowertown and Saint Paul's History Theatre. 

CONTACT:   [email protected]

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